A interview with Lauren Phillips

A interview with Lauren Phillips

This weeks model is one that don’t need any big presentation, Lauren Phillips. The stunning ginger  model that have been published in many publications and websites. She is a master with creative and powerful poses, and I know many of you will agree with me when I say that she would be perfect model for Nocturnal Girls.

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  1. We in Nocturnal Girls have been fan of your work for long time. But what is your background and how did you start modeling?


 I actually started out in dance when I was younger. I was trained in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern And Irish Step. After I graduated high school, I went to Rutgers University as a Dance Major at Mason Gross School of the Performing Arts. While I was attending college, I danced professional with a band where I was a Back-up dancer for a Tina Turner Impersonator. I worked with them for about 5 years. After I graduated and achieved my dream as a professional dancer, I need more from my life. One of my dancer friends told me I would be a great pornstar because I was so open about my sexuality and have always been that way. So I looked into it and saw most of the adult industry was in CA and FL. So after experimenting with artistic modeling, I packed up my car and drove all the way to FL, where I worked with Reality Kings and Mofos. I started a business plan and wanted to build my name up in the cam world. So I focused on that for a bit until I felt like I need to be in the big city of LA. 



  1. You first time doing a nude modeling, what mental challenges did you go true?


 I think the only challenge I had was figure out the angles for my body type. I was use to moving from dance, but I have a curvy body and need to learn what the right angles and lighting was for it. 



  1. We love your poses, where do you find you inspirations for them?


I really find my poses online and from magazines. I like to try and challenge myself . My agency Nexxxtlevel advised me to pick poses and practice them so I know what looks good on me and to know how to give many different poses.  


  1. True your years as a model, what memorial and crazy shoots have you done?


I think my craziest shoot was a water shoot and the water was so cold. I had to pretend not to be cold. I had to think warm thoughts, 


  1. What advice would you give a new model starting up now?

Coming for my point of view in the adult industry, I would advice new models to REALLY think about what they want. The adult industry isn’t something you can take back. Once content is on the internet, it will be on the internet forever, New models need to understand that this isn’t a job for quick money, but a career for a number of us and we love our job. So don’t just jump in and hope you will be able to swim. Take your time and think about what you want. 


  1. The creative business has gone true big changes in the last few years, what type of changes have you seen happen in the business and what do you think about it?


Then with all the social media. The biggest change in the Adult Industry is the tube sites and it has hit all the companies hard because no one really pays for the porn anymore or they steal it for Torrent. This change has made companies shut down and harder to make a living for most of us. I really wish the government would do something about that. With Social Media, it a HUGE marketing tool and helps models reach out to their fans 


  1. What do you like to do when not modeling?


 I love to dance and take dance class. Also l love to play video games and read different books. I’m very crafty, so I love to make things. 


  1. What has your family and friends reaction been about you being a model?


My parents are the only part of my family that knows what I am doing and they are very supportive. As long as I’m happy and taking care of myself, they will accept anything that I do. 


  1. Have you ever felt embarrassed about doing nude modeling and been recognized?


No, I’ve never felt embarrass at all because I’m completely comfort with my body and who I am as a person. 



  1. Who do you think your biggest audience is?


I think my biggest audience is pervs that love gingers. They are my major fans. 


  1. Before a shoot, how do you prepare yourself?


It just depends on the scene. A regular scene I would prep by being clean and fresh. I prepare my model bag to make sure I have everything as well. For an anal scene, the prep is longer, but I have to make sure I’m warmed up for the scene. I penetrate myself 3 to 4 days before my scene, then 24 hrs before the scene I do anal cleansing and watch what I eat. 


  1. True your time as a model, name 3 off your favorite photographers you have worked with and what shoot it was?


James Mogul from Kink.com (Sex and Submission/Training of O), Andre Madness from Hustler (Lesbian Inferno) and Jonathan Morgan from WickedPictures (Crash)


  1. After you have left this place, the planet earth. What photography of you do you like to be remembered by?


I don’t want to be remember by one specific photo, but I would like to be remember by my brand and the name I have made for myself.




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