A interview with Alyssa Reece

A interview with Alyssa Reece


After a small break with interviews, I am over the top to present an interview with the Alyssa Reece.  A Canadian model turned into actress, and her theatrical debut is in the film After Eden. The world premiere is at San Sebastian International Film Festival 25. September.

As a model we have been admiring Alyssa Reece’s work for a long period now, and have long wanted to work with her. So are very proud to present this interview with her, and let’s hope we get’s the chance to work with her one night.

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1. We in Nocturnal Girls have been fan of your work for long time. But what is your background and how did you start modeling? 

Well I started lingerie modeling when I was in high school and I was presented with an opportunity to do an adult girl girl shoot and I was curious so I took it. Nude Modeling was not something I planned on doing, it just kind of happened. From there it just became a regular part of my life. 


2.  You first time doing a nude modeling, what mental challenges did you go true?

It was a long time ago but I'm sure that I was nervous, shy, intimidated and excited all at The same time. I had just turned 18 and I remember it was something that I felt Was very taboo and I couldn't believe that I was doing it.  I felt like I couldn't really tell Anyone about it and I kept it a secret for a while.


3. We love your poses, where do you find you inspirations for them? 

When I'm in front of a camera, I just get into a zone and do whatever feels natural. It's second nature now. It wasn't always the case but now I am so comfortable with it that I feel I can do whatever I'm in the mood for. 


4.  True your years as a model, what memorial and crazy shoots have you done? 

I have done many amazing shoots but my favorite project I have EVER worked on is "After Eden" which is a feature film that will premiere at the San Sebastian Film Festival 2015.  

The talented individuals I had the pleasure of working with became family and we had so much fun together. You can find all the info on it here: afteredenmovie.com


5. What advice would you give a new model starting up now? 

The most important thing when it comes to anything is to believe in yourself, work hard and be determined. Have confidence in yourself and don't let anyone take advantage of you and have fun with whatever you do. 



6. The creative business has gone true big changes in the last few years, what type of changes have you seen happen in the business and what do you think about it? Then with all the social media. 

I think social media has changed our lives and the entertainment industry is no different. It's so easy nowadays for fans to keep up with people they admire through numerous outlets.  It's almost as if you can find out everything about a person online. 


7. What do you like to do when not modeling?

I love to travel, go to the beach, swim, play basketball, cook, read, write and go shopping. 


8.  What has your family and friends reaction been about you being a model?

Most of it has been positive, so I have been very fortunate in that regard. Of course not everyone is going to be understanding and that's something that I have accepted. 


9. Have you ever felt embarrassed about doing nude modeling and been recognized?

Of course there have been occasions where I have felt embarrassed or awkward when someone who I hoped wouldn't find out does. Unfortunately this is bound to happen and all

You can do is not get too upset about it. 


10. How do you think your biggest audience is?

I would say most of my audience is male and many are from the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. Most of Them are fans of girl girl adult content. 


11. Before a shoot, how do you prepare yourself?

I always make sure I'm as rested as possible, have packed my luggage of clothing/shoes/accessories and have had my green tea and healthy snacks for energy! 


12.  True your time as a model, name 3 off your favorite photographers you have worked with and what shoot it was? 

In no particular order:  Stephen Hicks (for Hustler Magazine) Dean Capture (for Twistys) Tammy Sands (For Penthouse)



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